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About Odins3


We are a professional digital agency based in the Seattle area

Meet The Team

We're an award-winning multidisciplinary team based in Seattle with a passion for creating innovative online digital presences. We work with businesses and people to create a more beautiful world.

“Exactly what I needed in every aspect of my needs and went above and beyond. Sam was extremely helpful and knowledgeable about every little part that I didn't even think of before speaking to Sam. I reached Sam from multiple recommendations, which blew my mind because the people who recommended him and this company did not know each other other than learning about Odins3 and Sam. They know all the big players in the industry and break it down straightforward, no bull, like the other companies trying to market to my company. When other people recommend a company, and you reach them without an ad hitting you, it means the results are going to be amazing.”

Matthew MotamediVP of MHL
Samuel Kishline - Odins3 Owner
CEO & Co-Founder

Sam Kishline

Driven software engineer and business owner with eleven years’ experience in web & mobile application development and project management. Managed in-house and remote development teams overseeing software development life-cycles, marketing strategy, and client deals. Negotiated contracts and directed software development with Amazon and its third-party developers.

Software Engineer

Spencer Hoggart

A highly motivated professional with a Physics degree from UW and Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science ML & AI at the University of London

Senior Project Manager

Cindy Lugnuits

Proactive, well-rounded and results-oriented, with a proven track record of success in outside sales, and sales leadership over the last 8 years. Driven to break belief barriers and put in the time and focus needed to reach desired goals and results. Skilled at building customer understanding, exceptional first impressions, creating a buying atmosphere and presenting win-win solutions to earn long-term buyer confidence. Exceptional listener and skilled at uncovering customer needs and selling with a consultative approach. Very effective at getting a hustling, presenting features and benefits, turning roadblocks into opportunities, and successful in making the initial no become a yes.

Executive Assistant To Chief Executive Officer

Naomi Finnecy

Enterprising Senior Executive Administrator with 6+ years of experience. Expert in strategic planning and organization and providing comprehensive support to company leaders. Goal-oriented toward meeting long-term goals through daily organization. Dedicated to excellent calendar management, customer service, and team communication.

Marketing & Operations Manager (Prior)

Patrick Williams

Engaged with new prospects to scope website requirements and budget to align with long term business goals. Developed website content strategies for client engagements, working extensively with SMB clients to build their brand identity and grow their online presence. Built and implemented business process improvement with the purpose of improving quality and speed of delivery.

Information Technology Intern

Jack Hoggart

Operating & monitoring networking nodes through a switch command line interface.

Linguistic Savant - Writer

Mark Lambert

Need a bold bard to beat back bland branding?


Stodgy, clunky ‘n flat-out boring copy will suck the energy right out of your story. You deserve better than that. You don’t have to sound like everyone else. In fact, if you want to turn heads, the secret is to march in the opposite direction.


My goal as your writer? To help you show the world that you’re more than catchy slogans and technique-heavy landing pages. Let’s make you fascinating. Heck, let’s take a few risks along the way. Bland blows. Boring is your enemy. We *can* be better than that!

Server Expert, IT

Andrew Neisch

I’m an experienced Systems Administrator and Cyber Security Engineer with a wide skillset ranging from server provisioning to network monitoring configuration for enterprise networks.

Account Executive

Savinder Johnson

I have experience in admin support, technical writer, IT services support, virtual assistant, data entry, web research and others. I have experience in the area of IT services for more than 8 years including IT Landscape Diagram, technical support, system administration, data analyst and more.

Video Editor

Jaymes Gardzinski

Motion Picture and Economics Degrees from the University of Miami, FL

Why Choose Odins3?

Odins3 grows relevant and organic website traffic, generates & optimizes leads, and crafts a valuable online presence for your business.

Our team of Website Developers, Digital Marketing & Branding experts, and Copywriting savants will get to know your business and learn the vision you have for your online presence. Then, we’ll design a strategy with tools we know perform in order to steer you towards success.