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Odins3 Small Business Web Design

Drafting & Mockups

People associate the quality of business websites with the quality of their products and services. An unprofessional website reflects poorly on the quality of products. Positive brand association comes with a professional website design. Odins3 small business web design experts craft in depth wireframes and mockups to ensure that client needs and wants are married perfectly.

  • Custom Design
  • Wireframe Mockups
  • Direction and Guidance
Odins3 Small Business Web Design

Responsive Web Design

More than 60% of business website traffic is attributed to mobile browsing. If your website is outdated or lacks responsive design elements, it won’t display well on phones. Mobile users browsing non responsive websites are likely to leave, causing a decrease in potential sales. Odins3 web design for small business will craft a seamless user experience for any type of device.

  • Responsive Web Design
  • Improved Traffic
  • Improved Search Ranking
Odins3 Small Business Web Design

User Interface Design

An often overlooked advantage of professional web design services is creating polished user interface. Websites with confusing or unintuitive user interfaces leave users frustrated, and make the business look bad in the process. Odins3 small business web design experts are well versed in user interface design and optimization principles. We turn small business websites into well polished revenue machines.

  • User-Centered Design
  • Sales Conversion Rates
  • Intuitive interfacing
Odins3 Small Business Web Design

Professional Branding & Logo Design

Odins3 small business web design professionals provide custom graphic design work that will give your business a custom tailored brand and aesthetic to enhance brand recognition. Custom graphic and logo designs help to distinguish a business from the competition.

  • Custom Logo Design
  • Branding Graphics and Images
  • Custom Icons
  • Infographics

Design Phase with Mockup

We begin with the initial client interview; one of our small business web design experts establishes the needs and wants of our client through a preliminary phone call. We then begin developing an initial wireframe mockup with several variations that our client will review and provide feedback for. After several iterations and mockup review sessions we will arrive at a final design for the client.

Build and Test Phase

After the final mockup design is accepted by our client our small business web design experts move onto the build and testing phase. During the build and test phase we are hard at work creating the custom interface, back end, and graphic work for our clients. During this phase we are typically the most quiet, and the most busy! Clients can view project progress through our proprietary client portal, where they have easy access to milestones and completed objectives.

Launch and Maintenance Phase

Once the build and test phase is complete the project moves onto the launch and maintenance phase. Our small business web design team moves projects into the launch phase after extensive testing of all website elements and features, to ensure a website launch that is hiccup free. The final beta website design is then presented to the client for a final review. Launch phase is completed once final payment is received and the developed web page is published to our clients domain.

The website then goes into the maintenance phase. Clients have the option of utilizing our small business web design team to maintain and update back end systems. The maintenance phase should not be overlooked, however it is easy to get overwhelmed by the need for constant updates. Neglecting to maintain websites can cause elements to misbehave, or stop working altogether. This is why Odins3 suggests that our clients opt for ongoing website maintenance services.

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