Welcome to Odins 3. We are an active customer relations management (CRM) service provider from the greater Seattle area. Our founders frequently visit events and listen to speakers to try and stay involved with the local Seattle startup community. We believe in the value of teamwork at our very core, we work with local startups to help them achieve their goals. Learning is a big part of the process of building a successful startup and we hope to be able to connect peers with the resources they need to succeed.

Part of the learning process for our team revolves around staying active in direct community outreach. We frequent events hosted at Atlas Workbase in Seattle, they are a fantastic new office rental location in Seattle with a shared workspace area. The events hosted at this location tend to draw higher crowds and have better speakers than most of the events in the area revolving around startups and tech.

Odin attended the event “Merging with Elon Musk and What to do after 1 million in Revenue”. The event was hosted by Vladimir Mkrtumyan CEO of Logic Inbound. The event revolved around the main speaker, Joe Snell. He is a veteran in the startup community who helped found Zip2go with Elon Musk. Joe Has experience with numerous other successful startups and has generated more than $600,000,000 ROI for investors. The event was well organized with plenty of opportunity for one on one conversation with Joe and other interesting entrepreneurs. The event was well populated with many businesses across the startup spectrum.

With Seattle Startup Week happening October 2 – 6, we hope to make many new connections and see a lot of exciting new businesses! We will be visiting panels daily, focusing mainly on entrepreneurial and angel investing events. The entire list of events and panels throughout the week can be found here…Seattle Startup Week


Please feel free to ask us what events we are attending!

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