Seattle is our home.

Odins3 Co-Founders Sam and Pat have lived in the greater Seattle area for most of their lives. Strong connections to the Seattle community is what drives the Odins3 team to provide the level of quality and professionalism that Seattle is known for. Evolving in such a large tech community has it’s own advantages and disadvantages. Seattle is home to many software giants, and relatively few smaller firms by national comparison. That is why Odins3 goes above and beyond, by providing small businesses and startups with free services to help get them off the ground. Odins3 wants to see the Seattle community to continue to thrive, Odins3 not just a software company, Odins3 embodies the Seattle community.

The Faces of Odins3

The Seattle Team

Pat W.

Sam K.

Ivan S.


Zach M.


Alison Z.

Project Manager

Nadiya B.


We are Odins3

We pride ourselves on developing unique and professional solutions by utilizing our wide breadth of experience. Our dedicated Seattle team brings value delivered on time and within budget. Odins3 not only provides a personal touch and a personal connection with all of our clients but also helps you with your ongoing business goals.

Our Core Values

Clarity | Commitment | Community

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