Seattle construction is a booming industry with 14.4% growth observed in 2016. Conversely the number of skilled laborers is on the decline with a decrease of roughly 900,000 active construction workers over the last decade. This presents a problem to the industry at large with an expected increase in new contracts and an average downward trend of available workers it puts business owners at risk. Presently 70% of surveyed contractors reported being understaffed or have difficulty filling positions for contracts. The systemic cause of the decrease in labor is the focus on post secondary education instead of vocational schools and apprenticeships.

The perpetuation of industry growth and downward spiral of skilled employees forces construction contracting employers to compete in an ever more demanding market. To combat competition in employee acquisition top firms are turning to tech to give them the edge.


The Majority of the time, failure to deliver on a project deadline is due to a breakdown in communications. With 85% of people owning smartphones in the PNW, and a 98% adoption rate in the under 30 age range, utilizing available mobile devices on site is a cheap and easy solution. A robust chat solution is key in maintaining proper channels of communication, reducing job errors on site, increasing worker productivity, and promoting a more positive employee experience. Give your customers peace of mind with the ability to view progress updates in live time.


The construction industry is historically slow to adopt new technologies, with the fastest growing companies being the most receptive to innovation. Technology is helping bridge the gaps in the areas of communication, customer acquisition and retention, as well as employee happiness. With the new generation of workers, utilizing intelligent tech segregates the dinosaurs from the rising stars in a big way. With few focused solutions available some businesses are paying to have their own solutions developed. However many are turning to more inexpensive subscription services like ODIN CRM. This tool provides you with all the powerful back end management that comes with a typical CRM tool, as well as chat and communications advantages that your guys in the field need. Product and features can be found at ODINCRM.COM, an ODINS3.COM business solution.

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