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Conquer your conformity kraken.

A shimmer in the water … or the lighthouse?

What do you really want?

If you’re a small to medium-sized business, your answer will probably be more action — a bigger slice of the proverbial pie - customers who see you.

But is just being seen enough?

A marriage counselor throws up a string of party lights over their front door with a big sign: “half price couples counseling - we won’t be beat on price!”

Are they going to stand out? Well, yeah. But they’re probably not going to earn a ton of extra business. There’s a right way and a wrong way to be visible. You’re more than three-buck party lights!

Sure you’re bright and shiny, but you also mean something real.

What you need is to show the world you’re authentic -- like a big, solid, dependable lighthouse.

Make your brand a beacon

You probably realize this already, but a fancy website on its own just won’t cut it. Not any more.

That business just like yours down the virtual street? Just like you, they know that to grow, they have to glow. And what’ll they do to make that happen? Nine in ten will go out and pay for a slick website. They’ll stick the marketing equivalent of janky party lights out over their front door and offer watered-down happy hour half-price margaritas.

And ugh … it doesn’t work. It’s unimaginative. But worse than that it’s timid and insipid. It shines a dim and unconvincing light out to the world.

But how do you be that one-in-ten business that does it better? How do you produce that bright beacon of branding clarity you need to show customers not just that you’re exciting, but also that you’re worthy of trust?

You tell a story.

Research tells us that people forget facts and figures in minutes. But build up suspense about those facts and figures — put yourself in the picture — and suddenly you have something.

Stories also show that you came from somewhere. You’re not just a logo and a bunch of half-assed sales pitches flickering dimly in the void. Instead, you’re grounded in reality. Customers can feel safe to offer you their business because they know what you represent.

01. Photography with heart

Story first, marketing second

The truth and clarity that comes from a good story well-told is our manifesto here at Odins3.
Your story comes first.

Forget about what content management system you should use. Push aside questions of what webinar software package you should deploy. And stop measuring your success against endless marketing checklists. All that’ll come in time.

But you won’t get clarity about your brand from any of this stuff.

The first thing we’ll do at Odins3 is help you bust out of the conformity trap that drags you right back down to your competition’s level time after time. We’ve done this enough to know that copying others will make you just a pointless little reflection -- a meaningless mirage on an endless ocean of other businesses doing exactly the same thing.

Why just be a reflection? Why be a mirage when you can blast your customers’ brains with a beacon of something real?

A conventional web design company is going to try to sell you a string of flashy features.

We’ll help you find your brand’s true story.

02. Portfolios with a twist

Here’s how we do it

At Odins3, we think your brand is so much more than a string of pretty online gimmicks.

By harnessing your story, we can help you shine out from the rest.

To make that happen, first we’re going to throw out the conventional web development playbook of design, test and launch.

You can’t tell a unique story with a checklist or a prefabricated design blueprint.

No. That won’t do.

Instead, we’re going to ask you questions. We’ll delve into your past, your people, and your product to find the story beats that makes you unique. There’s something profound and uniquely compelling there. There always is. Eventually we’ll land on that magical thing that sets you apart.

And from that … we’ll craft your story.

With your brand focused to a bright, narrow beam of persuasion everything else falls into place. All those decisions you agonized over about how to guide your customers home will suddenly become crystal clear.

You won’t wake up looking over your shoulder at your competition.

You’ll be the ones to watch.

Ready to hit the on switch?

So here’s our challenge.

Abandon timid marketing. Stop imitating.

Work with us to help you build true branding clarity, and a self-assured digital presence.

Our current waitlist

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Crafting truly unique, story driven online presences requires a dedicated team and a lot of time & brainpower. The website development market is saturated with boilerplate and templated work which is fine for businesses just getting started and can get you up and running within hours.

Nearly all web development companies get stuck in similar development style, those who don’t regurgitate the same mold focus on story and all great stories take time to craft.

If you’re looking to stand out, we are here to help.

Let's Craft Your Story.

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