With Talent Savant, inc. we were first tasked with developing a beautiful front-end environment to capture a users resume as well as companies looking to recruit. We decided on a clean & modern look which included auto-play videos within each header and on the home page. For users looking to submit a resume, we developed an easy drag-and-drop solution for them to upload their files.


Next we needed a beautiful logo that encompassed ideas from the founding of the company. Since a four leaf clover was seen at its inception, we designed a unique four leaf clover and incorporated it into the logo. We also used a modern flat color as well as cursive font.

The biggest part of this project was the custom back-end recruitment system that housed all of the applicants resumes, employee accounts, job listings, and payment systems.


Talent Savant Custom Recruitment Platform


Talent Savant Inc.

What We Did

Company Branding, Talent Savant Website & Custom Back-End Solution.

A custom back-end recruitment portal

With easy tracking of jobs, users, candidates, and reviews this back-end system was able to handle all of the clients’ needs.

Beautiful branding

Great design with meaning behind the pixels.