Odin CRM is a part of the odins 3 business suite, helping businesses organize at a practical price. The Odin project began with startups in mind, we remove the need for at least 6 or more software subscription services. As you begin to grow funds are limited and startup costs become unmanageable. We drastically reduce the costs of the multiple programs required to run a business, as we consolidate these programs under one roof.

Here is what Odin CRM replaces…

  • Odin CRM integrates recurring invoices, to rid of bulky online invoicing services.
  • A file storage platform is at your fingertips to easily drag and drop files for both staff and clients.
  • With leads, expenses, and sales tools included in the one and only Odin subscription, you no longer have to worry about complicated pricing schemes.
  • With real time chat, your team can seamlessly communicate without losing track of which platform messages were sent from.
  • Calendar events and reminder management allows your team to sync on one platform.
  • A customer portal with support tickets cuts the middle-man out of your support chain.
One Price

No more aggravating micro-transactions for every new feature.

One Solution

One service to rule them all.

One Team

Support down to the personal level.

Odins3 CRM – A Little History

     A long time ago in a company far, far away…. Frustrated by the lack of options Co-Founder Sam K. was contracted to help find a solutions for companies in the greater Seattle area, a common problem being a lack of reasonable tools for small to medium sized businesses. Clients came asking if there was a way around dealing with a dozen different programs, each performing their own unique and critical function.

     With a problem in his sights and a group of clients excited for a breath of fresh air, Odin CRM was developed becoming the best small business CRM. The idea was to incorporate all important features and functions at an enterprise level into one package, redefining what a CRM should offer While there are other options with more bells and whistles than you can count, we stick by the old phrase function over form. The result is that we can offer our services without the hefty feature addition fees of our competition.

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