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Defeat the Distraction Demogorgon

…with bold, story-driven branding.

Let's dive in and along the way enjoy some of our work utilizing this philosophy with a touch of some of our recent clients, including Zodiac Outfit.

So what’s YOUR story?

Your most powerful statement about your brand isn’t a cute logo on a coffee cup. It isn’t a slick slogan on your website or a witty catch-phrase at the bottom of your email signature block… and it certainly isn’t a catchy jingle either.

Your strongest selling point is something more intimate:

It’s your story.

Conventional online marketing is boring

Conventional, cookie-cutter online marketing has lost its oomph. Any two-bit digital marketing outfit will build you a snazzy e-commerce website with all the standard bells and whistles. They’ll pay a bored copywriter (who’d really rather be working on their novel anyway) to spit out a few stale landing pages that could be selling anything from laxative lozenges to litter-tray liners. And Voila. You have a website to sell your stuff. And no one will care.


Because the whole insipid exercise fails to name the real monster in the room.

A Brief Intermission

This is how we go about hand-crafting your online presence for potential clients – Here’s ours, for the Website Design & Development page you may have viewed (or should).

Okay, back to it.



Your story vanquishes the Boredom Beast

Your real enemy isn’t your competition. It isn’t COVID-19 (although granted, a plague-ridden visit from one of the four apocalyptic horsemen doesn’t exactly help). Nope. The real monster you have to beat is boredom.

Distraction is your true enemy.

You have a few seconds to grab your audience’s interest. In the blink of an eye, the Distraction Demogorgon will lure your audience’s attention away forever. And all the shrill, predictable, please-kill-me-now sales schtick does is invite the Boredom Beast into your place of business to chow down on customer brains while you look on in helpless horror.

Saying something epic, meaningful, and *gasp* different is the key. Your story is your silver bullet.


We’ll unlock your secret weapons

Your story is unique. Told well, a good story makes people see past the guff of others, to the people who make your product happen — to the magical beans that make your brand special.

Why did you start your business? What challenges did you overcome? How can your thing make a customer favorably gurgle? People care about substance. They want to be surprised.

A potent story captures hearts and minds. It connects you to your customers with something dramatic and real. And with each fresh story-beat, the Distraction Demogorgon slithers helplessly back into the slime-hole of indifference from whence it came.

Cindy Lugnuits showing ElevationCellars.com

Here’s the plan

Want to turn your brand online presence into something authentic and epic? Here’s the plan.

First, we throw out the rule book. No story worth telling came from a copywriter’s manual or a stylebook. Then your team and ours do some real talk. We’ll talk about where you came from, why you’re special, and how your product or service can change a customer’s life in some small but important way.

Then we’ll build a killer online presence that transforms you from just another brand into an authentic voice with something real to say. We’ll put you on a road to somewhere. We’ll tell your story.

Some Branding Beyond the Fray

Created for Zodiac Outfit

Together, we can slay the distraction beast

The Distraction Demogorgon lurks in the shadows, just beyond the firelight.

Will you whimper the same boring platitudes into the void, praying to survive ‘til dawn? Or will you don your Hornéd Helm of Interestingness, and stride unconventionally into the fray?

At Odins3, we believe a fantastic looking site is just the beginning of your journey. Using a story-driven approach we’ll transform your brand into something heroic ... and your prospects into customers and fans.

Ready to slay the beast? It’s your move.