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Search marketing has it’s roots in the 90s with, manual submission, meta keywords tagging, and keyword stuffing as the standard tactics to ranking competitively. Tactics changed in 2004 with link bombing anchor text, buying links from automated blog spam tools, and the usage of backlink website farms to increase web ranking. Search rules changed again in 2011, the inclusion of social media marketing and vertical search are common methods for utilizing search engine optimization. Search engines have modified their algorithms along with the change in tactics by marketers, so many of the tactics that worked previously can actually damage your SEO.

Realizing both the abilities and limitations of search engines enables you to correctly build your website content in a way that search engines can understand. Without SEO, a website (or your business) can be hard to find and even completely invisible to search engines.

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There are an average of ten positions per search page. The websites that fill those positions are ordered by rank of relevance. The higher your page is on the search results page, the better your click-through rate and ability to attract users. Results in the top 3 positions receive much more traffic than results down the page, and drastically more than results on later pages. In fact, so much attention goes to so few listings that there will always be an incentive for search engine ranking competition. Now and in the future, websites and businesses will  continue to compete for this attention, and for the user traffic visibility that it provides.

Odins3 SEO provides you with all the tools you need to get started improving your search ranking. Our free tool gives users access to detailed information on how your site performs in search results and suggestions on how to improve your search ranking. Our tool gives an in depth checklist on keywords, social media data, estimated traffic and earnings, technology used, desktop website performance… *Takes deep breath* mobile website performance, speed and optimization tips, server information, and much more. With the best free SEO tool you have one of the most in depth tools available to date, and again – we offer it to you for free.

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