Email Marketing

Email Marketing is quick and easy with Odins3 Marketing. Quickly build stunning marketing campaigns via email templates, or import your own!

SMS Text Marketing

SMS Text marketing is a synch with Odins3 Marketing. You can build and manage an automated text campaign with a simple user interface and the ability to set auto responsive keywords.

Postal Marketing

If your business utilizes snail mail we’ve got you covered! Design and manage an entire postal campaign through our easy to use dashboard. Odins3 marketing is your complete marketing tool!

Unified Marketing Resources

Odins3 Marketing, Time To Grow

Odins3 Marketing provides your business with the comprehensive tools you need to imagine, create, and deploy your very own marketing campaign. Our tool allows you to track and manage multiple campaigns across multiple platforms, SMS, email, mms, voice, fax, and direct mail!

Odins3 Marketing Features

Online + Email TTS

Online text-to-speech (TTS) lets you send voice calls from any web enabled device. Send messages to any number of contacts at once, in one step. No setup required.

Online + Email SMS

Odins3 Marketing provides an online short message service (SMS) gateway, allow staff to send SMS communications from any web enabled device. Send messages online to any number of contacts through our online SMS service, one step - no setup. Send SMS online with Odins3 Marketing.

SMS Keywords

Use our SMS keyword and auto-responder tool to run promotions, give info, enable voting systems & polls, deliver coupons and more! Send SMS online to give more value to your customer base. Our SMS tools are user friendly and easy to use.

Bulk Email Service

Our bulk email service allows you to send emails to large lists of contacts all at once! The Odins3 Marketing mass email service makes it very simple to send individualized emails to different user lists, and provides the flexibility to engage users with different content.

Direct Mail Marketing

The Odins3 Marketing direct mail marketing service lets you mass mail an entire postal code or region. There is no need to know your recipients addresses or names, by simply identifying the region you want to target you can have your printed adverts delivered to every active address in the area.

Online Post Service

Online post enables your staff to send letters from any web enabled device! Send letters to any number of contacts, in one step - no setup.